Mobile Alert 3G EZ Medical Alert Device


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  • Works on Telstra’s most extensively developed cell network
  • Vibrates and rings loudly with an incoming call
  • Provides GPS location
  • Sends SOS text message to up to 6 contacts
  • 2-way voice communication
  • Receives calls from anyone or only from specific numbers
  • Charging cradle makes it easy to recharge
  • Comes with a clip-on Velcro belt pouch

Full 1 Year Warranty

SIM Card Option*

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Medical Alert Device Mobile Alert EZ

Mobile Alert EZ User Guide

Mobile Alert EZ User Guide –Download Here

Best for those whose hearing is not what it used to be. The volume and sound quality of this little gem is the loudest and clearest of the trio of Mobile Alerts.

Nestling into its own docking station, charging couldn’t be easier. One button simplicity makes this as foolproof as it gets.

A wide range of customisable options include hands-free operation (i.e., auto answer and caller only can hang up), anyone can call, or only a select few are permitted to call the user.

Is The EZ Model Waterproof?

No. While it's designed to withstand a splash of water, this unit must not be taken in the shower. We recommend hanging the lanyard on a low, self-adhesive hook outside the shower so that you can access the device if you fall.

Can a call be made besides with the SOS button?


How does the EZ provide its location?

In 3 ways:

1) The user can press the SOS button.

2) One designated emergency contact can send the text "ir" to receive the user's location.

3) An online tracking platform can be custom programmed. There is an additional fee of $5 per month for this third-party service.

Will the EZ work outside Austrlia?

Click on this link and scroll down to the country where you plan to use the Mobile Alert.

The EZ's 3G module is either 850/2100 MHz or 900/2100 MHz. If the faceplate reads "GlobalSat," then it's 900/2100. If it reads "Mobile Alert," then it's 850/2100. The EZ will work in any country where the same pair of frequency bands are used. Within the same country, different phone service providers may use different frequencies.

Frequently asked questions about SIM cards.

Which SIM Card should I use?

Depending on which Mobile Alert the user wants, we will recommend the most practical and economical SIM options. Installation and activation of the SIM card is included in the cost of the unit.

What SIM card options are available?

Telstra, Aldi (most of the Telstra network), Amaysim (Optus network) and Vodafone (for 2G units).

What's the difference between the SIM cards?

How do I find out if I'm outside cell coverage area?

After clicking on the Telstra link below, click on "Detailed" which will allow you to choose 3G or 2G coverage type. Then type in the address where you want to see the coverage for.


On the Aldi coverage map below, you're only able to see the 3G coverage that Telstra shares with Aldi.


After clicking on the Amaysim link which shows you the Optus coverage map, click on "Non Optus Device." Enter: 86131100.


After clicking on the Vodafone link which shows you Vodafone's coverage map, enter: 2G Generic and the address where the unit is to be used.


Where can I read the Critical Information Summaries from various phone service providers?

The companies below are a link to show their Critical Information Summary.

Telstra | Aldi | Amaysim


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