Mobile Alert Alarms with Fall Detect, Hands Free & GPS. Works anywhere. Order: 13 000 ALERT (25378)

The Mobile Alert FD weighs the same as two 50¢ and a 20¢ coin. It comes in four different colours (black, blue, pink or green). As the smallest and lightest Mobile Alert model, it’s comfortable to wear with the lanyard provided or on your favourite chain.

The pendant has an automatic fall alert system. If the device senses what may have been a fall, an emergency text is sent to each contact. However before the texts are sent, a loud tune sounds for 20 seconds. If it is a false alarm, it can be aborted with a short press of the SOS button. The fall detection feature can easily be turned off or on.

When help is needed, the user should press the SOS button until they feel the unit vibrate (for about 2 seconds). The device then texts and sequentially calls up to 5 emergency contacts. Once answered the user can speak with their contact in a 2-way conversation. The emergency text messages include a link to Google Maps showing the user’s GPS location.

Anyone knowing the number can call the Mobile Alert and the device will automatically answer in speakerphone mode.

The phone icon button on the side of the unit allows the user to call one of the emergency contacts (of the user’s choice) directly without disturbing the other contacts. No text messages are sent.

If any of the contacts need to find the user, they need only text the letters “loc” to the phone number of the Mobile Alert. They will receive a reply text with a link to its location on Google maps.

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