Mobile Alert Alarms with Fall Detect, Hands Free & GPS. Works anywhere. Order: 13 000 ALERT (25378)

The iHelp uses voice module technology to tell you what is happening when you press the button. Click HERE listen to what happens when the button is pressed.

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The iHelp will call and text up to ten emergency contacts.  You’ll then have loud and clear 2-way voice communication with one of your contacts. Receive calls from anyone (just like a normal phone) or block all callers except those you permit to call you.

When the iHelp senses a fall, then before alerting your emergency contacts, this is what you would automatically hear.

Fall Alert notification is sent by text message which includes a link to Google maps with the user’s location, followed by a call. You can easily cancel the alert messages before they are sent by simply pressing the button, thereby minimising false alarms.

If you routinely take medication, the iHelp will remind you when to take it. Since both the speaker and mic are on the front of the unit, the iHelp works brilliantly well in either the wristband or the belt clip (though no belt is needed).

The optional Accessory Pack expands the versatility of your iHelp. When using in or around the home, when placed in the larger charging cradle with sound amplifier, wear the tiny remote button on a wristband 24/7 since it never needs recharging. Got a pool or outside spa? Unplug the big cradle and take it outside with you. It’s built-in back-up battery means you can leave it unplugged on a table or chair nearby and your help will still be within earshot when pressing the ultra-lightweight remote button.

For elderly couples, save money by getting two remote buttons and one iHelp with your Accessory Pack. Either remote button will trigger the iHelp while it’s in the charging cradle.

We know if we tell you that cell tower triangulation and WiFi are combined with the GPS satellites to algorithmically calculate the iHelp’s location, it’ll make the device sound too complicated to use. So ignore the technical wizardry.

The bottom line is that if you need help, just press the button. The new iHelp literally SPEAKS FOR ITSELF!

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