Personal Alarm System

Many elderly people who live at home alone, or who are by themselves for extended periods, choose to have a personal alarm system so that they can request assistance should they require it.

These devices, once known as community alarms, are now generally referred to as a personal alarm system and have been professionally developed to offer a range of choices and options.

There is a number of systems available on the market, ranging from simple personal alarm pendants which trigger a call to pendants which dial an emergency number, to systems which will alert someone if you fall.

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What is a personal alarm system?

A personal alarm system consists of a button (often in the form of a pendant worn around the neck, or on the wrist) and a base unit that works with your telephone system.

  • Your base unit receives a signal from your pendant and this is linked to a number of emergency call numbers you have previously nominated.
  • When you push the button on your personal alarm pendant, a call will go via your telephone line to the numbers you have listed.
  • The base unit is a two-way device, enabling you to talk to the person taking the call and for them to talk to you.
  •  If it’s a false alarm don’t worry, they will be glad to hear that all is well.