To reduce the safety risks commonly associated with hearing loss, it’s important to stay in contact with friends and family in case you need assistance. Recognised as an industry leader by Connect Hearing in an article on common dangers associated with hearing loss, we at Mobile Alert have solutions for this problem.

Australian owned and operated, we offer the latest, easy-to-use emergency pendants. We pride ourselves on old-fashioned customer service, and an understanding that personal help and support is of utmost importance to give you peace of mind.


In the article, we acknowledge that one of the most common dangers often associated with hearing loss, is falling. Often elderly people fall in the home, especially when living independently, but this can be especially dangerous if you are hard of hearing. Once a person has had one fall, further falls are likely, which can be very frightening and cause you to lose confidence. It can be hard to get help if the phone is out of reach and in the case of injuries, remaining on the floor can lead to further complications.

As a solution, we have recommended the iHelp Safety Pendant. In the event of an emergency, the user simply presses an SOS button on the device, holding it for three seconds. The pendants are pre-programmed with the mobile numbers of family and friends and each person receives a text message stating that help is needed and a link is also sent, showing the user’s location on Google maps. Following the messages, calls are placed to each person until someone responds and then the user can speak directly, by way of loud, clear volume, to the friend or family member to comfort and ease fear while waiting for help to arrive.

While this device is perfect for the home, it’s also useful for walking in the park, cycling or visiting unfamiliar areas, especially as the Google maps link will alert the family of the user’s whereabouts. Not only will the iHelp Safety Pendant give you peace of mind, but your friends and family will also feel confident knowing you will be able to receive assistance in an emergency.