3G Mobile Alert FD Mobile Medical Device


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  • Automatically answers calls in speakerphone mode
  • Comes with a docking cradle for easy recharging
  • Remote GPS Tracking
  • Program up to 5 emergency numbers
  • 2-way voice communication
  • Call 1 pre-set number directly
  • Man-down function – 9 sensitivity settings
  • Water resistant to IP65 standard – not submersible

1 Year Full Warranty


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3G Mobile Alert FD – Mobile Medical Device

3G Mobile Alert FD User Guide

3G Mobile Alert FD User Guide –Download Here

3G Mobile Alert FD Owners Manual

3G Mobile Alert FD Owners Manual –Download Here


The Mobile Alert FD weighs the same as two 50¢ and a 20¢ coin. It comes in four different colours (black, blue, pink or green). As the smallest and lightest Mobile Alert model, it’s comfortable to wear with the lanyard provided or on your favourite chain.

The unit boasts an automatic man-down alarm system. If the device senses what may have been a fall, it sends a fall alert text to each emergency contact. However before the texts are sent, the device will beep for 15 seconds to inform the user that the alarm has been activated. If it is a false alarm, it can be aborted by short presses of the SOS button. The fall detection feature can easily be turned off or on.

When help is needed, the user should press the SOS button for 3 seconds. The device will text and sequentially call up to 5 emergency contacts. Whoever answers first is the one that the user can speak with in a 2-way conversation. The emergency text messages include a link to Google Maps showing the user’s GPS location.

Anyone knowing the number can call the Mobile Alert and the device will automatically answer in speakerphone mode.

The phone icon button on the side of the unit allows the user to call one of the emergency contacts (of the user’s choice) directly without disturbing the other contacts. No text messages are sent.

If any of the contacts need to find the user, they need only text the letters “loc” to the phone number of the Mobile Alert. They will receive a reply text with a link to its location on Google maps.

Is The FD Model Waterproof?

The original FD that charged only with a cord is not waterpoof. Once the charging cradle was introduced, the unit was made to be waterproof such that it would withstand water from a shower. However, we find that soap and shampoo eventually clog up the holes where the speaker and microphone are. Therefore, we recommend that rather than wearing the FD in the shower, hang the lanyard on a low, self-adhesive hook outside the shower so that you can access the unit if you fall. Be aware that the unit is not submersible. The warranty is void if water infiltration is apparent.

Can a call be made besides with the SOS button?

Yes. There is a button on the side of the unit that can be customised to call one of the emergency contacts directly when pressed.

How does the FD provide its location?

In 3 ways:

1) The user can press the SOS button.

2) The emergency contact can text the first 3 letters of the word locate. Send this SMS text to the phone number of the device: loc

3) An online tracking platform can be created for the user upon request.

Will the FD work outside Austrlia?

The 2G unit is a quad band which means it will work in any country where there is a 2G network.

If you have a 3G FD, click on this link http://www.worldtimezone.com/gsm.html and scroll down to the country where you plan to use the Mobile Alert.

If your 3G FD uses a Telstra or Aldi SIM card in your unit, then the 3G column needs to show 850 or 1900 MHz.

If your 3G FD has an Amayasim SIM card in it, then the 3G column needs to show 900 or 2100 MHz.

Frequently asked questions about SIM cards.

Which SIM Card should I use?

Depending on which Mobile Alert the user wants, we will recommend the most practical and economical SIM options. Installation and activation of the SIM card is included in the cost of the unit.

What SIM card options are available?

Telstra, Aldi (most of the Telstra network), Amaysim (Optus network) and Vodafone (for 2G units).

What's the difference between the SIM cards?

How do I find out if I'm outside cell coverage area?

After clicking on the Telstra link below, click on "Detailed" which will allow you to choose 3G or 2G coverage type. Then type in the address where you want to see the coverage for.


On the Aldi coverage map below, you're only able to see the 3G coverage that Telstra shares with Aldi.


After clicking on the Amaysim link which shows you the Optus coverage map, click on "Non Optus Device." Enter: 86131100.


After clicking on the Vodafone link which shows you Vodafone's coverage map, enter: 2G Generic and the address where the unit is to be used.


Where can I read the Critical Information Summaries from various phone service providers?

The companies below are a link to show their Critical Information Summary.

Telstra | Aldi | Amaysim


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